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The Impatient Sound of Racing Thoughts

Art of Ballistics - Sputnik Music Review

“Art of Ballistics’ Broken Mornings is one hell of an EP. It’s atmospheric, but not droney and overly concerned with ambience. It’s panicked and urgent, but leaves room for the impatient sound of racing thoughts. There are moments of rest, but they are skillfully and scantily spread throughout each song in a way that only makes the melodies more effective. Broken Mornings embodies a paranoid sadness that somehow manages to remain hopeful and driven, like the only thing left to do is keep trying.” — Alex Knowlton @ Sputnik Music

Taking Sound To New Levels

Art Of Ballistics Makes "Cut of the Day"

“The release of the new DJ Shadow record has been met with a lot of shrugs and head scratching. The music writers and geeks of the world have expended a lot of column inches and pixels wondering how one man can continue to produce music that simply builds on the same ideas he introduced with Endtroducing but not really evolve them in any appreciable manner. In response, I want to point all of them towards a group that is taking that instrumental, hip-hop-inspired sound to new levels: Art of Ballistics.” — Robert Ham @ Willamette Week on “Broken Mornings”.