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Check & Check Mate

Midway In Wake "Check and Checkmate"

In addition to playing multiple instruments and writing all his own vocal parts, Greg Reynaud mixes and engineers his own recordings. As if that wasn’t enough, he paints and is known to sit in an editing bay, too. His self-produced video for the song “Check & Check Mate,” produced under the guise of “Midway In Wake” is now playing on our YouTube Channel.

More Than A One Man Band

Midway In Wake - The Fire Note Review

“One of the main strengths of the record is that it doesn’t sound like a one man band. Reynaud is able to handle himself quite well on multiple instruments, and it is indeed complex stuff. He is weaving multiple melody lines on guitar and keyboards into a giant tapestry of sound. His bass and drumming also add lovely accents to the mix.” — Kevin Poindexter @ The Fire Note on Midway In Wake‘s “We Will Remain Sedate”.

Surviving The Golden Age of Napster

Midway In Wake - Surviving The Golden Age Review

“Midway in Wake has created an album which serves as evidence of the mastery of personalized folk music. The songs may not appeal to a wide demographic, but they certainly can capture the soul and essence of their creator. This album is well worth a listen, just don’t plan on listening in passing, it will draw you in and keep you hooked.” — Zack Garceau @ Surviving The Golden Age on Midway In Wake’s “We Will Remain Sedate”

Stomping Around Gyeongsan

Midway In Wake - Ghettoblaster Magazine Interview

Greg Reynaud [Midway In Wake] gives up some of his secrets to living a happy life in some of the small(er) towns around South Korea in this edition of “Stomping Grounds” @ Ghettoblaster. Hint : Avoid the soju, and check out Park Chan Wook, he’s worth is worth the hype.

Absolute Punk Rocks Midway

Midway In Wake - Absolute Punk Interview

Greg Reynaud [Midway In Wake] goes toe to toe with an email message chock full of “generic questions” this week, and Absolute Punk ends up ruining his reputation as “bad teacher” and “musician” in the process.