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A Decade Early, Or A Decade Too Late?


In his review of Belknap‘s “Radio Ready” EP, Tom Körp suggests that its re-release “is little more than salt in the wound,” and we couldn’t agree to disagree more. Knowing that there is such a finite amount of recorded material by such an interesting group can be a very painful thing for a fan to experience. But, from a label standpoint, this whole re-release process has been more akin to the euphoria you experience once you finally get that popcorn kernel out from between your teeth. You’re really happy once that thing comes out of your mouth, and it goes back out into the world, where it rightfully belongs. A decade too early, or a too decade late, “Radio Ready” is now available via Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon for your nostalgic/future pleasure.

More Than A One Man Band

Midway In Wake - The Fire Note Review

“One of the main strengths of the record is that it doesn’t sound like a one man band. Reynaud is able to handle himself quite well on multiple instruments, and it is indeed complex stuff. He is weaving multiple melody lines on guitar and keyboards into a giant tapestry of sound. His bass and drumming also add lovely accents to the mix.” — Kevin Poindexter @ The Fire Note on Midway In Wake‘s “We Will Remain Sedate”.

Surviving The Golden Age of Napster

Midway In Wake - Surviving The Golden Age Review

“Midway in Wake has created an album which serves as evidence of the mastery of personalized folk music. The songs may not appeal to a wide demographic, but they certainly can capture the soul and essence of their creator. This album is well worth a listen, just don’t plan on listening in passing, it will draw you in and keep you hooked.” — Zack Garceau @ Surviving The Golden Age on Midway In Wake’s “We Will Remain Sedate”

The Impatient Sound of Racing Thoughts

Art of Ballistics - Sputnik Music Review

“Art of Ballistics’ Broken Mornings is one hell of an EP. It’s atmospheric, but not droney and overly concerned with ambience. It’s panicked and urgent, but leaves room for the impatient sound of racing thoughts. There are moments of rest, but they are skillfully and scantily spread throughout each song in a way that only makes the melodies more effective. Broken Mornings embodies a paranoid sadness that somehow manages to remain hopeful and driven, like the only thing left to do is keep trying.” — Alex Knowlton @ Sputnik Music

Taking Sound To New Levels

Art Of Ballistics Makes "Cut of the Day"

“The release of the new DJ Shadow record has been met with a lot of shrugs and head scratching. The music writers and geeks of the world have expended a lot of column inches and pixels wondering how one man can continue to produce music that simply builds on the same ideas he introduced with Endtroducing but not really evolve them in any appreciable manner. In response, I want to point all of them towards a group that is taking that instrumental, hip-hop-inspired sound to new levels: Art of Ballistics.” — Robert Ham @ Willamette Week on “Broken Mornings”.