• 01. Your Majesty
  • 02. They'll Come For Us *
  • 03. It's All Yours *
  • 04. Non Nocere
  • 05. The Measures
  • 06. Beacon
  • 07. You Fed Me Lies
  • 08. Bled Dry
  • 09. Watchmen Never Speak
  • 10. They Take

  • * = Pre-Release Singles


  • Radiohead
  • Grizzly Bear
  • The National
  • Bon Iver


August 11, 2017



Midway In Wake

"Heirs To The Storm"



“Heirs to the Storm”, Greg Reynaud’s second full-length album as “Midway In Wake” is a concept album who’s story unfolds through ten different narratives about the days following a fictional catastrophic event. The amount of time and effort spent penning the deeply haunting lyrics — from ten different vantage points — was only equalled by the time spent writing, performing and recording all of the different parts in each song, which range from hand sequenced drum beats and oddly, looped atmospherics to shimmering, intertwining guitar parts and melodic bass lines. While Reynaud’s first full-length album ‘We Will Remain Sedate’ relied heavily on acoustic guitar, ‘Heirs To The Storm’ is more experimental and adventurous than its its lo-fi predecessor. Fans of Bon Iver’s ‘22, A Million’ and Grizzly Bear’s “Yellow House” will find familiar themes and tones in songs such as “Beacon” and “Your Majesty” while songs like “They’ll Come For Us” and “Non Nocere” may remind listeners of Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’ and The National’s ‘High Violet’. While the songs do share a common theme and overall mood, each represents a different aspect of the human condition, such as love, loss, greed, revenge, desolation, etc.


  • >> Midway In Wake's first album, 'We Will Remain Sedate,' was released in 2012 shortly after Hurricane Sandy, and it failed to gain traction, accordingly.
  • >> Lyrically, "Heirs To The Storm" is a concept record about a fictional catastrophe, who's aftermath is illuminated from ten unique vantage points over the album's ten tracks.
  • >> The album was recorded in various studios throughout South Korea (Reynaud's permanent home) and (his adopted home) Portland, Oregon. Mixing (Cory Gray) and mastering (Timothy Stollenwerk) were done in Portland, Oregon.
  • >> Greg Reynaud (Midway In Wake) has created unique paintings for each track on the album, which will be made available after the album's release. A second series of paintings has also been commissioned.
  • >> Greg Reynaud has also released music via Lowatt as 'Behold The Profit' and 'Art of Ballistics,' which is a collaboration between him and Lowatt owner/operator, Will Watts.