The North Wind - Dismal Nitch (Release Day)

Comfortable Rut or Dismal Nitch?

03/04/2022 — The North Wind‘s debut full length ‘Dismal Nitch‘ is now available worldwide! If you’re a fan of instrumental post-rock like Explosions In The Sky or The Mercury Program, you should give this one a spin.
The North Wind "Santana Claus"

“Santana Claus” Is Coming To Town

02/18/2022 — The first official video from The North Wind album ‘Dismal Nitch‘ is upon us thanks to the handy work of one Mr. Dusty Deen. Check out the high octane visual for album opener “Santana Claus” now!

The North Wind Really Blows!

02/04/2022 — Portland post-rock trio The North Wind will release their debut full length ‘Dismal Nitch‘ via Lowatt on March 4. Check out the lead single, “Possum Adventure,” now at Bandcamp!

Rob Haworth Tells Us Where “The Nation” Went

11/26/2021 — Second Letter‘s Rob Haworth spoke with the folks from Where It Went about his previous band “State Of The Nation,” who’s second album was released by Revelation Records.

It’s Time To Flip The Power Switch, Again

10/29/2021 — Airplanes Are Better‘s debut and swan song, ‘Power,’ is now available digitally for the first time since its initial release on compact disc at the turn of the millennium.

Airplanes Are Better Take To The Skies Once Again

10/01/2021 — We’re re-releasing the ‘Power’ EP by beloved late 90’s / early 00’s El Paso power trio Airplanes Are Better. Look for it on all digital music services starting October 29, 2021!

Dan O Says Hello To Second Letter’s Rob Haworth

02/08/2021 — Dan O’Mahony of No For An Answer recently had Second Letter‘s Rob Haworth on his podcast “Dan O Says So” and no topic was off limits, including Haworth’s long standing MS diagnosis.
The Bellmont - Albuquerque Alibi Review

The Bellmont Has A Solid Alibi (Review)

10/17/2019 — The Bellmont (Slippin’ Jimmy’s favorite Albuquerque indie rock band) had their debut album, ‘Hide Your Tracks,’ reviewed highly favorably by the local weekly arts and culture mag The Alibi… and no one had to take a bad fall.

Sometimes You’ve Gotta ‘Hide Your Tracks’

10/11/2019 — After nearly a decade in the making, The Bellmont‘s dusty, sun soaked debut album, ‘Hide Your Tracks‘, is now available worldwide on all major digital music platforms! Click here for links.

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