Second Letter


After a nearly fifteen year hiatus from playing music, Rob Haworth (Farside, State of the Nation, Hard Stance) slowly re-introduced himself into the cold, purifying waters of songwriting in 2014, and found a new muse in the world of non-linear editing. Within a matter of months, Haworth began sharing lush pop/rock arrangements with potential collaborators, simultaneously asking them to come into the studio with him to help round out the songs, and give them more energy and life.

As the Second Letter “demos” made their way from inbox to inbox, folks began trickling into different studios up and down the east coast to re-record what would become the first Second Letter singles, “Dead Emblems” and “Ruins.” Through those sessions, a core rhythm section emerged in Jim Kimball (J Majesty, Retisonic) and Pete Moffett (Burning Airlines, Government Issue, Wool), and the base of Second Letter was established.

When Haworth, Kimball, and Moffett started to plan their first shows, it quickly became evident that they would need additional members to fill out their sound, if they were going to approach the thickness of their recorded sound. Carin Smith (Old Arrows) was an obvious choice, given the fact that she has already played piano/keyboards on the recordings, and she could also add a female voice to the mix. Adding the guitarist, Christopher Woodhead, from her band on second guitar seemed like a no-brainer, given his robust guitar history, and the fact that he, too, was an old hardcore head — familiar with the band’s who his bandmates used to play in.

The full five piece band recently played their first show in Philadelphia, as one of the many acts paying tribute to the late Jon Bunch, the former singer of Sense Field, who Rob frequently toured alongside in the 90’s. The reception was great, and the band has already begun booking several more shows up and down the east coast. In addition to planning more shows, the band has been very active in the studio, and has nearly enough material to release a full length album in 2017.



  • Rob Haworth (Guitar, Vocals)
  • Peter Moffett (Drums)
  • Jim Kimball (Bass)
  • Carin Smith (Keys, Vocals)
  • Christopher Woodhead (Guitar, Vocals)


  • Philadelphia, PA (U.S.A.)


  • 2015 - Present