Art of Ballistics "REX 84"

Art of Ballistics

REX 84

 LCD7  |   5 Songs  |   May 5, 2015

“REX 84″, the second EP from trans-Pacific production duo, Art of Ballistics, finds Greg Reynaud (Midway In Wake, Behold The Profit) and Will Watts traversing similar territory to the material presented on their first EP, “Broken Mornings”. However, this is no re-hash or re-fry. This time around, the cuts are deeper, the themes are darker, and the arrangements are far more complex. Latin American folk instruments, baroque cellos, free jazz skronk and NASA recordings all take on new flavors once sprinkled over the top of finely chopped break beats, that have been heavily spiced with live bass, hand percussion, and various keyboards/synthesizers.


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