Rats To The Middleman


Whether you’re ready for the ruckus or not, the self-titled debut and swan song from Rats On Radar will be available through major digital music distributors in every hemisphere sometime on Tuesday, January 14th. Beginning January 7th, you will be able to stream the entire “Rats On Radar” EP on our Bandcamp page and here. If you like what you hear, and choose to pre-order the EP directly from us via our Bandcamp page, will receive your download codes at the time of purchase, regardless of the January 14th release date. iTunes and Amazon pre-orders will not be made available until January 14th, and will cost you a few dollars more. The choice seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it?

Sir… We’ve Got Rats On Radar


Without further ado, we’d like to welcome Rats On Radar to our burgeoning family. While the band only existed briefly, in a place that most folks will never visit, we’re getting behind this band because a) they were really good, and b) our good buddy Steven Chamberlain (Torches To Rome, The Yellow Press) plays a mean bass and absolutely shreds his vocal chords for the sake of a good take. Fans of Steven’s past projects should take notice, as should anyone who loves big, loud, in-your-face punk rock like Drive Like Jehu, Fugazi, Shellac and The Jesus Lizard.

A Decade Early, Or A Decade Too Late?


In his review of Belknap‘s “Radio Ready” EP, Tom Körp suggests that its re-release “is little more than salt in the wound,” and we couldn’t agree to disagree more. Knowing that there is such a finite amount of recorded material by such an interesting group can be a very painful thing for a fan to experience. But, from a label standpoint, this whole re-release process has been more akin to the euphoria you experience once you finally get that popcorn kernel out from between your teeth. You’re really happy once that thing comes out of your mouth, and it goes back out into the world, where it rightfully belongs. A decade too early, or a too decade late, “Radio Ready” is now available via Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon for your nostalgic/future pleasure.

Check & Check Mate

Midway In Wake "Check and Checkmate"

In addition to playing multiple instruments and writing all his own vocal parts, Greg Reynaud mixes and engineers his own recordings. As if that wasn’t enough, he paints and is known to sit in an editing bay, too. His self-produced video for the song “Check & Check Mate,” produced under the guise of “Midway In Wake” is now playing on our YouTube Channel.

More Than A One Man Band

Midway In Wake - The Fire Note Review

“One of the main strengths of the record is that it doesn’t sound like a one man band. Reynaud is able to handle himself quite well on multiple instruments, and it is indeed complex stuff. He is weaving multiple melody lines on guitar and keyboards into a giant tapestry of sound. His bass and drumming also add lovely accents to the mix.” — Kevin Poindexter @ The Fire Note on Midway In Wake‘s “We Will Remain Sedate”.